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Getting the Ring Out
Posted by: irshgrlkc on 12-31-1969.

"How to repair damage caused by the sun and a picture frame. This tutorial will outline how to repair the discoloration caused by a photo’s uneven exposure to the elements. In this case the uneven exposure was caused by a picture frame. I am using PhotoShop CS2 but there is no reason this won't work in any other image editing program so long as it supports layers. I'm not sure this will work on all images though I don't see why it wouldn't."

1. WHAT WE ARE DOING: I am just going to walk you through a quick method I found that helped me repair discoloration caused by a picture being in a frame for many years.  As you can see, the part hidden under the frame is a different color than that exposed.









2. PICK AREA TO CONCENTRATE ON: For this image, the most important part is the center, yellowed area.  This area will be the one I focus on when doing my adjustments and will be trying to get the rest of the photo to match.

3. LEVELS TO MULTIPLY: The first thing I wanted to do was to bring back some contrast between the veil and the background as the image appeared a little washed out.  To do this I add a levels adjustment layer set to multiply.

- Go to Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Levels

- From pull down menu MODE select MULTIPLY. Click OK.

- Don't make any changes to the levels window when it pops up, just click OK.

- The result looks a little dark for my tastes so I adjusted the opacity of the layer to something I liked (I used 35%).

4. COLOR CORRECT THE CENTER: Now we are going to add another levels adjustment layer, but this time we are going to color correct the yellowed area.

- Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Levels

- Click OK

- Adjust the sliders on each channel from the pull down menu (red, green, and blue) so that the yellow disappears.  I just fiddled with the sliders until I got a result I liked.  It won't be perfect, don't worry.  My settings were...

- Red: 4, 1, 252

- Green: 27, 1, 248

- Blue: 53, 1, 170

5. PAINT OUT THE DISCREPANCY: We were able to get the center portion closer to what it was prior to years of sun damage, but that left the outer rim of the photo a funny pink and blue color.  Now we are going to get the whole picture to match color-wise.

- Add a new blank layer.  Layer > New > Blank Layer

- From the MODE pull down menu select COLOR. Click OK.

- Select your eyedropper tool and click in an area where the color looks correct to you.  Here's what I chose.

- Now go to Edit > Fill. Make sure use Foreground Color is selected and click OK.

- Your whole image has disappeared, but that's okay.  We're going to bring it back.  Set the newest layer's blending mode to COLOR. Now it's all one color but pretty ugly.

- Add a layer mask to this layer that hides all the color.  Layer > Layer Mask > Hide All

- Paint on the layer mask to bring back the color layer.  Avoid the skin, face, and hair.  Try to only paint on places where you want this neutral color.  Here is what my layer mask looks like and the result on the image.

6. DUST & SCRATCHES: Almost done getting the ring out.  Now we want to merge all the visible layers onto a new layer.

- PC: Hold down Shft+Ctrl+Alt+E, Mac: Hold down Shft+Cmd+Opt+E

- Apply the Dust & Scratches filter to this new layer. Filter > Noise > Dust & Scratches.  I used pretty heavy settings as this is just to get the background a little more uniform. I used a setting of Radius 50, Threshold 0

- Then apply some noise to this layer so that it isn't too smooth. Filter > Noise > Add Noise. My setiings were roughly 2%, Gaussian, Monochromatic

- Add a layer mask to this layer hiding everything.  Layer > Layer Mask > Hide All

- Paint on the layer mask to show the background surrounding the bride.  Here is my result.

7. FINAL RING REMOVAL: Because there is a pattern to the fabric of this dress that I want to keep, I am going to use the Patch tool to get rid of the rest of the ring.  I am also going to use the patch tool to remove, the last of the ring in the background.

- Once again, merge all the visible layers into a new layer.  PC: Hold down Shft+Ctrl+Alt+E, Mac: Hold down Shft+Cmd+Opt+E

- Select the patch tool, which is hiding under the Spot Healing Brush Tool.

- Use the patch tool to select a small part of the ring.  Once it is selected, drag the selection to a clean part of the photo with no ring.

- Keep doing this until the ring is gone!  Obviously this photo still needs some more work, but it is just to show you a method to get rid of discoloration.  Here is my result after I was done with everything.




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