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Easy Straigtening
Posted by: NancyJ on 12-31-1969.

"Easy way to straighten crooked pictures."

This is a really easy way to straighten up crooked images.
It would have had more pictures but the image upload deely only seems to like my gifs, not the jpgs.

So if you have a crooked image, first you need to locate the measure tool

Then you find a part of the image that should be straight, either horizontally or vertically and draw a line from point to point with the measure tool.
Then with the measure tool still selected, go to Edit->Transform->Rotate, you'll noticed that your image automatically gets rotate, only 1 problem, it went the wrong way. Go up to the toolbar and change the angle from a + to a - (or vice versa)

Voila, your picture should now be perfectly straight.

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