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Quick, easy, painless selective focus
Posted by: bhall07 on 12-31-1969.

"Set the focus to highlight selected areas of a photo using PS7"

Quick Easy Painless Selective Focus


This is just a quick way to put the focus on the subject of your photo.

Load the photo you want to work with.



Hit Ctrl J to create a duplicate layer. Now select  Filter, blur, Gaussian blur.



Set the radius to around 7 to give a nice blur.



With the new layer highlighted, click on the layer mask icon at the bottom of the layer pallet to create a layer mask.



Next select the gradient tool. (Make sure the selected tool is foreground to background)



With the gradient tool selected click on the side of the photo where you want the focus sharp and drag to the other side.



Now with the foreground color set to black, use the paint brush to reveal other areas where you want a sharper focus.




You can experiment with this process several ways. You can change the opacity of the gradient tool or not use it at all. You can change the opacity of the paintbrush then paint layers. You can also experiment with different starting and ending points while dragging the gradient tool. With very little effort, you can make some photos look as if their DOF was set “Perfect” when you snapped!

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