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Make your own Actions

Last update:  12-31-1969

Submitted by bhall07

Using Photoshop 7 create your own Actions. This should work with PS6 also.

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 What is an Action? An Action is a macro process that runs inside of Photoshop. It can be 2 or 3 commands or hundreds. Do you have a work flow that you follow with all of your photos? If you follow the same steps every time, why not automate them in an Action?
Let us now create an action that everyone can use to illustrate how to create an Action.
When you want to enlarge a photo file to get a bigger print you know if you enlarge it to much, you get blurring and pixilation. You can however, blow that same photo up to poster size if you do it in no more than 10% steps.
let's create an Action to do this.

1. On the Actions pallet, click on “create new set”. You can do this by clicking the small triangle on the top    bar of the Actions pallet to open the menu or by clicking on the “create new set” icon on the bottom bar of    the Action pallet. Name the set and click ok. (Creating a new set helps keep things neat and tidy). I named my    set ‘Bob’s Actions’.
2. With your new set highlighted, click on “new Action”
3. Name your Action and click record. From this point on every command will be part of your new action.
4. Click on Image and select Image size from the drop down menu.
5. Check the boxes next to Constrain Proportions and Resample Image. Then in  Document Size change the width and height to    percent and set them both to 110%.
6. Click on stop playing/recording at the bottom of the actions pallet.
OK, you have now created an action set to keep all your actions in and an action to upsize your photos. To get your photo to the size you want... open the action pallett, select your action, now click run. Repeat this till you get the size you are looking for.