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Create a photo template

Last update:  12-31-1969

Submitted by bhall07

Have you ever been asked to shoot a portrait, a senior photo, a sports photo or a wedding and you want to give it that little something special, a more professional look? Templates are a quick easy way to do these jobs. You can buy some very good templates for all of these things (They are not inexpensive) or you can create your own.

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Follow these steps to make a basic portrait template.


In Photoshop open a new document.



Select 8 in X 10 in with a resolution of 300 pixels/inch.   You can select any color as your background. It can be changed later. Click OK.


The background color here can be changed. I selected black clicked on the gradient tool to get this effect.

Next, move this document aside and open a new one just as before except this time select transparent as background.



Now select the marquee tool and draw a box. I selected the lower right hand corner but again this makes no difference because you can move it later.

Now select a color and fill the box.

(The size of the box is up to you. You will get a feel for what you need with experience)



Now select the small box and drag it into the first document to create a 2nd layer.

Now in the layer pallet, click on the eye next to layer 1 (the small box layer) This will turn that layer off. (We are saving it for later)



Now open another document just like the 2nd document (transparent background)

Again select the marquee tool and draw a large box in the center of the document.

Now hit Ctrl. T to select the free transform tool.

With the free transform tool turn the box where 2 of the corners are centered,  one over the other to form a diamond shaped box.


At this point I selected the main document, selected a dark red background, selected the gradient tool and placed a “gradient” red background in the document. I then selected a brick texture from the filters to get this effect.

Again open the first document and drag your diamond document into it as another layer.


Now in the layer pallet, turn off everything but the diamond layer so it looks like this.



At this point name the file and save it as a .PSD file.


You now have a versatile template that can be used for several different portrait types.


Let’s look at an example.


Open up one of your portraits and make a copy. Using your copy and the newly created template with just the diamond layer turned on.


In your template, click to select only the cut out portion of the diamond. Now click to select your portrait. Hit Ctrl. A (selects all) then Ctrl. C (to copy).

Click back on the template and in edit select paste into.



It is very important to select “paste into” not “paste”

Your portrait should now be behind the template.



The move tool will allow you to position the photo in the template and if you need to resize the photo hit Ctrl. T to get the free transform tool. (To keep the photo in prospect, hold the shift key down and click and drag one of the corners.) You can resize the portrait to fit the diamond window.

Flatten the image, rename and save.


This is just one example of how to use your template.


Try creating other portraits with your template.


Load 2 portraits of the same person.

Turn off the diamond then turn on the gradient background and place a portrait on it by dragging it on to the background. Now turn on the small box and position it where you want it in the portrait. Highlight the little box and do a Ctrl. A and Ctrl. C on the 2nd photo and do a paste into the small box. This is a great effect for school and wedding photos.


These are the basics now go create.