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Colorcast Removal Using PSP

Last update:  12-31-1969

Submitted by BigAl

Paint Shop Pro 7 is used to remove a red color cast

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In response to Doug's request fo non-PS tutorials, here Paint Shop Pro 7 is used to remove a red color cast:

For those wishing to work through this tutorial here is a larger version of the original.

Firstly, add a Color Balance adjustment layer:

Layers> New Adjustment Layer> Color Balance

As a red cast usually implies a deficiency in blue in the photograph, add cyan and blue to the midtones as shown in this dialog:

You can also add some cyan, green and blue to the highlights (-10, 1 and 5 respectively). The result shows that the image is already markedly better than the original:

The leaves on the trees are still grey, but adding green at this stage introduces an unacceptable green cast to the image as a whole, so add a curves adjustment to the layer stack:

Layers> New Adjustment Layer> Curves and only adjust the green channel as shown in this dialog:

The colors were now more what is wanted:

To remove the blemishes, first build a new layer from the background layer and the two adjustment layers:

Edit> Copy merged (Shift-Ctrl-C) and pasted this to a new layer:

Edit> Paste> As a new layer (Ctrl-L)

Then run an unsharp mask on this layer to enhance the defects:

Effects> Sharpen> Unsharp mask with settings as shown in this dialog:

Then use the Automatic Small Scratch Removal tool:

Effects> Enhance Photo> Automatic small scratch removal

Leave the defaults, but select Remove Light Scratches in addition to Remove Dark Scratches. (I was very happy with the results from this tool.)

Finally use the clone tool to remove any remaining blemishes: