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Last update:  12-31-1969

Submitted by realaqu

this tutorial tells you how to use 50% gray layer to get much more accurate mid-tone area selection.

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 if you just want to change the mid tone of a picture, photoshop offer an option in color range command. as the picture below, but this method is not that accurate.

 But if I want to select more or less, this way wont be that accurate. so I use this method to achieve this goal

1 make a new layer and filled with 50% gray, change the blending mode to difference.

we know the new pixel value  y=|a-b|, once you use difference mode, the white and black both changed to gray. and the mid gray will be 0.

2 click channels, make a copy of green channel, ctrl+i invert the green copy

3 ctrl+L to load the levels adjustment, move the black slidder toward the middle point

4 by moving the the new mid point slidder, you can get different mid tone selection. make sure the darkest slidder starts from 127

4 click OK then CTRL click this channel to load the selection. go back to layer  pannel,  turn off the gray layer, the selection is there.


5 if you just want to get the selection of highlights and shadow, don't invert channel copy in step 2.