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fast alternative to extract image command in photoshop

Last update:  12-31-1969

Submitted by slipchuck

quickly take one part of an image (in this example a human head) paste and blend it into another part of an image

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Pick the picture you would like to edit, or use the one below. You can combine two different pictures if you wish. I will only cover the use of one picture in these examples.




NEXT use the Lasso tool and circle the subject to cut out (this time it is my daughter's head) use a low feather aprox 1px.Don't be fussy with the cut out as this is one of the reasons this method is faster then the pen tool or extract command. Use the copy then paste commands to set up for the next instruction






Drag the cut out into position....





Position the head where you want it.. Reduce opacity of face layer to roughly position face. Return to 100% if you wish. You may have to move the opacity of the face layer back and fourth to help you line up, etc.

If you leave the face layer smaller than the origanal face on the background image you will likely have to do a bit of cloning at the end to make it more realistic.

If you have the layer a bit bigger then the face in the background layer it should not require any cloning!




 Rotate head using edit, transform rotate command






Click edit, transform then scale to make the head the proper size. Use the shift key at the same time as this keeps the length and width the same though out...then return the opacity to 100 percent if you wish...







Erase the cut out image until it blends into the background image. This is where you may want to toggle the opacity back and fourth so you don't erase back parts of the background that you don't want.. You may have to go over the same spot serveral time to get the effect you want. Blend in the edges carefully. If you use 100 percent opacity it will likely not blend in properly. You may have to use as little as 10 opacity sometimes for tricky blending.





Blend in the hair carefully where needed. Adjust opacity of eraser brush as needed. Sorry for the spelling

error in the red text....should read UNDESIRED background not INDIRED background.





here is the final result... This was a quick job and could have looked better but I hope this tutorial benefit you all in some way


In my opinion this has an avantage over the pen tool or extract image command because:

If you use a soft edge brush for the extreme edges of your cutout when in place and reduce the opacity real low...The end result is the cutout will have softer edge so it doesn't look as "fake" look like a pen tool cutout.

With practice you can get some amazing results without masks

While the cutout is on a layer you can adjust the color, contrast, luminosity etc. with the curve command etc. to blend in the cutout with your origanal picture.


Don't forget the new head is still on a new layer. You can fine turn it into place. If you don't want it to move, merge down. Short cut: Ctr. E in windows.

Please let me know what you think of this tutorials or if there are parts you don't understand


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