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Place an outline in your photo.

Last update:  12-31-1969

Submitted by bhall07

Place an outline inside your photo for effect. Here is a quick and easy way to place an outline inside your photo. This will work with most any object or text.

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I opened the photo I wanted to work with and a map of Texas to use

as my outline.


First select your outline.


Now move your outline  onto the background photo and place it where you want it.


In the layer pallet, highlight the new layer. Hold the control key down and double click

on this layer to select it.


Now click on the  eye icon for the layer to make it invisible.


Next highlight the background layer and hit Ctrl J to create a new layer.


With the new layer selected, click on the function icon at the bottom of the

layer pallet and select drop shadow in the layer styles menu.


I selected drop shadow, inner shadow and outer glow.

This give me a very distinct outline. You may choose  to

be more or less bold.